Article I:           Name
The name of this organization shall be the Atlanta Academy of Institutional Pharmacy.
Article II:       Objectives
The objectives of the Academy shall be:
1.  To disseminate pharmaceutical knowledge and practice by providing for interchange of information and training among institutional pharmacists and members of allied specialties and professions.
2.  To assure a high quality of professional practice through the maintenance of standards of professional ethics, education and attainments.
3.  To promote research in institutional pharmacy practices and in the pharmaceutical sciences in general.
4.  To provide the benefits and protection of a qualified institutional pharmacist to the patient, to the institution which is being served, to the members of associated allied health professions, to the profession of pharmacy and to the community.
5.  To promote fellowship by providing a vehicle for social interaction.
Article III:   Membership
Section 1.  Membership:  Membership and privileges of membership shall be defined in the By-Laws.
Section 2.   Classes of Membership: AAIP shall consist of ALicensed@ and AAssociate@ members.
Article IV:       Officers
Section 1.  Composition: The officers of the Academy shall consist of the President, Immediate Past-President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary and Secretary of Continuing Education.
Section 2.  Term: The President-elect shall be elected annually for a term of one year and shall ascend to the office of President the following year, serving a third year as Chairman of the Board.  All other officers shall be elected every two years.
Article V:      Board of Directors
The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Immediate Past-President serving as Chairman, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, Secretary of Continuing Education and two ABoard Members@ as appointed by the Chairman of the Board.
Article VI: Amendments
Every proposition to alter or amend this Constitution shall be submitted by any licensed member at any regular Board of Directors meeting of the Academy.  The amendment shall be submitted for vote by the licensed members at the next election.  The Secretary shall distribute a mail ballot which must be returned post marked within thirty days of the date of the ballot.  The amendment must be approved by a majority of the ballots returned.  The Ad-Hoc Canvas Committee shall count the votes and report the results at the next regular business meeting.

APPROVED: by the Board of Directors on 10/28/82
Ruth Simpson, Secretary

ADOPTED: by the active Academy members on 5/1/83
Sarah Mullis, President

Ruth Simpson, Secretary

AMENDED: by the active Academy members on 4/23/93
Sharon Hobby, President

Lee Echols, Secretary

AMENDED: by the active Academy members on 4/19/95
Pam Privette, President

Steve Spillers, Secretary

AMENDED: by the active Academy members on 4/15/96
Pruett Roof, President

Ron Barnes, Secretary