Most recent awards earned


Atlanta Academy of Institutional Pharmacy
Award Recipients
Year    Pharmacist of Year UGA Student Mercer Student PCOM Student
2012 Naadede Badger  Crystal Beal  Annette Daehler  Bhumaki Dhanani 
2011 Patrick OBrien Kimberleigh Stan Rebecca Feng Allison Roehrs
2010 Todd Parker Belle Kumsaitong Kyle Burcher  
2009 Leslie Jaggers Jane Chang Bridget Melton  
2008 Irene Coletta Lida Valentine Michelle Mach  
2007 Don Hutcherson Carolyn Perry Scott McDowell  
2006 Tim Stacy none Julie Harting  
2005 Margaret Chastain Kinjal Vakil Catherine Scanlon  
2004 Mike Bendenelli Stacey Folse
Kari Lomax
Heather McLemore  
2003 Kathy Yaughn Kimberly Shepard Brooke Beavers  
2002 Rondell Jaggers Punam Patel Jamie Cristy  
2001 Frank Landrum Wendy Bruno James Fisher  
2000 Ann Means Patel Connell none